FAQS - Your First Massage


So your finally ready to take the plunge and get a massage! You are nervous & curious about a few things… but unsure what to do or say… FAQs below!

Should I shower and shave before my massage?

Shower, maybe a good idea out of courtesy for your therapist. I mean, your therapist probably (hopefully) took a shower before they went in to work… maybe you should too. Shaving however, not a good idea right before a massage.

Shaving before a massage can be at higher risk of developing ingrown hairs <- Not Fun!

What should I wear to my massage?

Dress as normal… You will be “undressing to your comfort level” as most therapists like to say.

I say, get naked - or don’t - that is your prerogative!

Some modalities like thai massage or sports massage for example require stretchy, yoga type clothing where as swedish massage or therapeutic massage usually requires getting undressed. Depending on what type of massage you are getting, if you are to undress in any way - you will be draped with a sheet and blanket, for your privacy. You should be comfortable at all times during your massage.

Will I have to get naked?

Not if you don’t want to… Some people enjoy the hour of confidence and freedom. Others prefer to leave on their bra and panties or boxers. All up to you - As long as you stay under the sheet and blanket during your session, your therapist won’t mind or may not even notice.

I’ve heard to drink water before a massage - is that really a big deal?

YES! I cannot stress this one enough… Probably why I’m leaving it for last. Drinking more water than normal and loading up with electrolytes before a massage is crucial. During massage, your blood flow and oxygen are being manipulated and released. It is very common to have a rush of toxins and become light headed. To flush them out and avoid this, all you have to do is enjoy a few extra cups of water the day of your massage and follow it with even more! Keep in mind, you may need to use the restroom a few extra times that day

Just be sure you pee before your session and you’ll be all set to enjoy your massage!