Great for Face or Body

Gua Sha is an ancient chinese form of alternative medicine.Also known as Scraping or Gua Sha, this add on is a technique we use on a targeted area of pain. This involves scraping of the skin to improve circulation. Intended to address stagnant energy, also known as “chi” causing tension, pain or aching muscles. Stagnant “Chi” is responsible for inflammation and with this technique we are able to address this.

Great for

Migraines/Headaches, insomnia, sports, overuse and repetitive injuries, for example wrist or hand pain. Side effects include minor indentation or bruising which subsides in 3-5 days. Avoid this technique post-surgery.


Using Jade & Rose Quartz

Jade Stone provides healing properties support physical healing throughout the body.

Rose Quartz provides the love and healing vibrations needed to help replace toxic emotions and blockages that clogs the heart chakra and replaces it with the energy of love.