Form of Alternative Medicine

This technique includes the therapist applying cups to provide suction of the skin. Originally, glass cups with fire were used but due to liability reasons western therapies have started using vacuum or silicone suction cups. Technique is done either dry or wet, using oils or creams. Once a cup is applied to the skin with suction, the therapist will leave the cup on the skin for 3-20 minutes depending on what type and style cups are being used. Some cups are movable and some static.

Benefits & Side Effects

Common benefits include helping with inflammation, pain, blood flow, relaxation and overall wellness, Cupping is also a form of Deep Tissue Massage and it allows an easier lift and separation of the soft tissue structures that may be adhered together causing pains and aches. Side effects include minor discomfort or bruising which subsides in 3-5 days.




Soothe Muscle Tension

Hot Stone therapy melts away tension by applying hot stones to the skin and massaging the body to ease muscle tension. The warmth of the stones allow the therapist to get deeper into the muscle and provide release.

Benefits & Side Effects

Commonly provides pain relief from muscle tension/spasms, fibromyalgia, arthritis and carpal tunnel. Adds a soothing benefit with the warmth of the stones. Side effects include the risk of burning. *A well trained therapist like Desiree Julia, at Behind the Neon, will not allow this to happen.